2022 Onyx Blake 584 Limited Edition Senior Softball Bat 1 Piece


2022 Onyx Enough Said Slow-pitch Softball Bat Features: 

  • 12-inch
  • Billy Blake Edition End load Swing Weight
  • Opt-Flex 60 MM handle (thinner then normal)
  • 100% Composite Design
  • 1 Piece Construction
  • Cushioned Honeycombed Grip
  • Approved stamps include SSUSA, ISA, SPA, ISSA Senior Softball
  • No Warranty
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Billy Blake is an iconic name who played with some of the best teams in the 80’s and 90. He was number 4 hitter in the line up that had a murder’s row of players.

This bat is a tribute to celebrate him in the sport of softball and acknowledge him as an athlete and an ambassador of the game.
Billy basically has a skill for balancing bats points to help performance, which manufactures have ignored for years. With ONYX, we took that wealth of knowledge and incorporated into one of our bats to make it better. After months of RD, we engineered the bat to Billy’s specifications.
– Carlos Vega

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